3 Key Performance Indicators

That will DOUBLE your website revenue, guaranteed.

I want to show you the most direct approach to attaining your digital marketing objectives. This isn't fly-by-night scheme or some digital mumbo-jumbo rabbit hole. Rather, math driven concept that demystifies the digital marketing process for business owners and gives you a three step process to doubling website revenue.

Have you ever asked yourself,
" Self, why is digital marketing so complex for service based businesses?"

Digital marketing is made complex by two main factors:

1. The intricacies marketing agencies create to measure success for large enterprise companies.

2. The plethora of tactics and tools available to obtain enterprise marketing goals.                          

Neither completely pertains nor scales down to the needs of small or medium-sized businesses, and less so for service-based businesses. Michael Buzinski shows you the path to doubling your website revenue using the Rule of 26. In this easy-to-read guide to simplifying your website marketing plan, you will learn...

  • The only three key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track when marketing your website.

  • The three clear objectives that will double your website revenue.

  • How to leverage both earned and paid website marketing tactics without needing to be a marketing genius.

  • Simple strategies that increase your revenue without proportionately increasing your workload.

Stop guessing about how to make your website work for you. Leverage the Rule of 26 to grow your business by working smarter, not harder. Using Michael’s clear and precise three-step website marketing plan will drastically increase the leads garnered from your website and help you get paid what you are worth.


Michelle Traina

Business Owner

"It helped me understand what's truly important to focus on when it comes to my website, It's a needed book if you're serious about increasing your business through your website."

Aaron Contrall

Business Owner

"I cannot believe how simple the Rule of 26 really is. The math checks out and I will be immediately implementing the Rule of 26 into my business. The book was easy to read and I thought it offered a lot of valued-packed strategies"

Whitney Deberry

Content Marketer

"I enjoy the concept of The Rule of 26 and find it to be straightforward and easy enough for any entrepreneur to understand. Breaking down each metric into bite sized pieces makes it easy for the reader to understand the road map and where to start"

Kayley Hamilton

PR Film Owner

"As a new service-based online business owner, I found so much value in The Rule of 26...This book is no fluff, concise steps, insider tips and priceless ideas that are full of so much value. The Rule of 26 is my new digital marketing bible.."

Unleash Your Website's Potential

with a Personalized Roadmap to

Doubling Your Current Revenue

Are you ready to shatter the limits holding your business back? Say goodbye to the uncertainty of word-of-mouth marketing and leap into the world of unstoppable growth. The R26 INTENSIVE is your exclusive ticket to transforming your business by unlocking the full potential of your website.

📅 Date: April 11th and 12th, 2024
📍 Location: Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
🚨 Hurry! Seating is Extremely Limited! 🚨

📅 Date: April 11th and 12th, 2024
📍 Location: Union Station Hotel,
St. Louis, Missouri
🚨 Hurry! Seating is Extremely Limited! 🚨

Smash Your
Revenue Ceilings

Are you done playing small? It's time to embrace your true potential and shatter those revenue ceilings. The R26 INTENSIVE is for you – a visionary entrepreneur with an annual revenue of over $750K, hungry to scale your business like never before.

Unlock Scalability

Tired of relying solely on word-of-mouth? Say goodbye to stagnation and learn the secrets of scalable growth.

Seize Market Share

Capture up to 68% of untapped market potential. Learn how to transform your website into a lead magnet that works 24/7.

Business Agility

Free up your time by outsourcing customer service through your website. Engage clients on your terms and boost efficiency.

Efficient Marketing

Traditional methods draining your resources? Upgrade to online marketing, reaching wider audiences at a fraction of the cost.

Unleash Sales

Turn your website into a sales dynamo. Effortlessly convert prospects into paying clients with a finely tuned online presence.

Attract Premium Clients

Bid adieu to time-wasters and low-value clients. Attract the most profitable prospects who respect your expertise.

Step Into Scale

Transition from growth to scalable greatness. Embrace the transformation and secure your place in the big leagues. Scaling isn't a mystery – it's a science. Uncover the proven strategies that make scaling a service-based business a breeze.

The Rule of 26:
Your Key to Doubling Website Revenue

Imagine a proven strategy that doesn't overwhelm you with complexities. A strategy that narrows down success to three essential performance indicators. We proudly introduce the Rule of 26 – a mathematically-driven approach that will guide you to double, or even quadruple, your website's revenue.


Not all traffic is created equal and some traffic is actually costing you money. Let's get real about the what profitable traffic really looks like and get rid of vanity traffic in this no-gimmick gorilla-style digital marketing workshop that uncovers where to find the best traffic for your business.


Traffic without conversions is like cooking a meal that you can't eat. It's time to start serving up profitable prospects through the only sales member on your team who works 24/7/365, never calls in sick, doesn't ask for a raise and does exactly what you ask every single time. 


It's less about how much your best clients pay or how much time your lowest clients waste, but how you can maximize the value you bring so that the majority of your book of business will beg to increase your Average Revenue Per Client. Time to have your passion leverage profits.

Meet Your Guide
Michael "Buzz" Buzinski

A decorated veteran, serial entrepreneur, and dubbed a "digital marketing visionary" by he American Marketing Association, Michael has propelled over 1,200 businesses to new heights over the last 35 years through his unique marketing strategies and tactics. His best selling book, The Rule of 26, outlines a streamlined marketing strategy that is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape while eradicating entrepreneurial poverty at the same time. And now he wants to personally guide your through the process to maximize the leverage that the Rule of 26 offers.

What People Are Saying About
Michael Buzinski & the Rule of 26

Michael Michalowicz

"The Rule of 26 teaches you how to draw traffic to your business, targeted traffic; the type of prospects that you need … Buzz is the MASTER at this.”

Denise Griffitts

"Digital Marketing is not for the faint of heart... The Rule of 26 is a force multiplier for successful businesses. The Rule of 26 provides a clear target for business owners to aim for and his three-step process offers a practical roadmap for achieving this goal."

Mark Grainger

"Because of his commitment to consistent learning and professional improvement you are dealing with an authentic professional. He has wonderful ideas for improving your business and provides you with the necessary tools while freeing up your time to make money."

Adam Wills

"I own a marketing agency and when Buzz told me he had cracked the code of website marketing success I almost dismissed him as another "guru" with hollow advice. Boy was I wrong! The concept of the Rule of 26 is so simple [and] it actually works!"

Kayley Hamilton

"Time is our most valuable asset and Michael Buzinski proves this by offering time-saving tools and doing so in this succinct [process]. I did not realize the simplistic steps it takes to literally DOUBLE your website revenue just by using The Rule of 26 … no fluff, concise steps, insider tips and priceless ideas that are full of so much value."

Christine Cooper

"I'll be honest, I went in skeptical ...but I was very surprised. As someone who's been in marketing for 16 years - I can see and appreciate the value he's packed into [the Rule of 26]. There's a lot of knowledge here, but it's presented in a way that's easy to understand - and even better - easy to implement."

Mike Saunders

"Really great strategies that are relevant for today. Being able to build an online presence and capitalize on digital marketing is vital to growing your business and The Rule of 26 gives you the blueprint!"



Dive into the triumphant trio of KPIs that fuel the Rule of 26, debunking vanity metrics along the way.

Workshop through filtering unhealthy prospects from those primed for lasting partnerships and high-paying agreements.

Delve deep into website mechanics for irresistible magnetism to your Perfectly Profitable Prospects™ while repelling time-wasting tire kickers & plate lickers

Uncover hidden client hotspots and map a strategy that thrusts your website into their path.

Uncover other aspects of success as special guests help Buzz unveil the Honeycomb Paradigm™ for scaling businesses.

Leave with a concrete bespoke plan to execute the Rule of 26 post-intensive, ready to ignite your business.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

You Should Attend if...

You Should Attend if...

Does this sound like you? Then apply today to attend our next intensive schedule for August 23rd through 25th 2023. Seating is extremely limited and seats are first come first serve.

  • You Should Attend if...

      If you own a professional service-based, fractional services, or consulting company.

  •   You garner $450,000 or more in annual revenue and have done so through traditional growth tactics.

  •   You want to profitably scale your business to multi-seven figures within the next 12 months to three years.

  •   Want to avoid entrepreneurial poverty or growing your business broke in the process.

  •   Have a desire to leave an everlasting impact on your community and pass down generational wealth.

  •   You're an action take looking for a solid roadmap and actionable plan to make sure your business not only scales but is also exit ready when you are.

Please Note: Not all applicants will be accepted to this intensive. We are intentionally keeping this a small group so every business gets everything they need to walk away with a customized roadmap for their success. 

Your Journey to
Mastery Starts Here


Define Your Perfect Prospect: Craft a magnetic message that resonates with your Perfectly Profitable Prospect™, forging deeper connections.


Multiply Your Website Revenue: Immerse yourself in the Rule of 26 and witness your website revenue surge beyond expectations.


Tap into Hidden Traffic Goldmines: Bypass the social media ad noise and tap into undiscovered traffic sources that supercharge your website.


Effortless Prospecting: Bid adieu to wasted efforts on unqualified prospects and focus on those that align with your vision.


Compelling Communication: Develop messages that captivate, motivate, and guide prospects toward taking action.


Unleash Your Pipeline: Create a steady flow of high-value prospects, ensuring a continuous stream of revenue.


Connect and Collaborate: Network with fellow trailblazers who share your journey and passion for innovation.

Engage, Empower, Excel

Engage in two days of immersive workshops, emerging with the strategies to drive your business beyond limits.

4 Reasons You Must Attend the

You deserve more than your current approach to marketing is providing you. All you need is a clear roadmap.

You didn't go into business to play small ball and life is too short to settle for single and double-digit growth year after year.

Your time is too valuable for gitchy challenges. It's time to stop playing games and drastically change the trajectory of your business.

You can no longer afford to rely the unreliabile and un-scalable results of word-of-mouth, referrals, and networking.

Secure Your Spot Today!

Don't let your website hold your business back any longer. It's time to step into a new era of growth, where your website becomes your most powerful revenue generator. Seize this opportunity to transform your business and secure your place at the R26 INTENSIVE.

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World-Class Speakers

Action-Packed Days

Mind-Blowing Experience


Join the excitement, enrichment, and fun Thursday and Friday April 11th and 12th 2024.

Rooms included.
Check in 04/10, check out 4/13.
All meals are provided.
Join us for open bar welcome party 4/12.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, $2,500 off for a very limited time

Please Note: Not all applicants will be accepted to this intensive. We are intentionally keeping this a small group so every business gets everything they need to walk away with a customized roadmap for their success. Seats will sell out, so applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.

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