3 Key Performance Indicators

That will DOUBLE your website revenue, guaranteed.

I want to show you the most direct approach to attaining your digital marketing objectives. This isn't fly-by-night scheme or some digital mumbo-jumbo rabbit hole. Rather, math driven concept that demystifies the digital marketing process for business owners and gives you a three step process to doubling website revenue.

Have you ever asked yourself,
" Self, why is digital marketing so complex for service based businesses?"

Digital marketing is made complex by two main factors:

1. The intricacies marketing agencies create to measure success for large enterprise companies.

2. The plethora of tactics and tools available to obtain enterprise marketing goals.                          

Neither completely pertains nor scales down to the needs of small or medium-sized businesses, and less so for service-based businesses. Michael Buzinski shows you the path to doubling your website revenue using the Rule of 26. In this easy-to-read guide to simplifying your website marketing plan, you will learn...

  • The only three key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track when marketing your website.

  • The three clear objectives that will double your website revenue.

  • How to leverage both earned and paid website marketing tactics without needing to be a marketing genius.

  • Simple strategies that increase your revenue without proportionately increasing your workload.

Stop guessing about how to make your website work for you. Leverage the Rule of 26 to grow your business by working smarter, not harder. Using Michael’s clear and precise three-step website marketing plan will drastically increase the leads garnered from your website and help you get paid what you are worth.


Michelle Traina

Business Owner

"It helped me understand what's truly important to focus on when it comes to my website.

It's a needed book if you're serious about increasing your business through your website."

Aaron Contrall

Business Owner

"I cannot believe how simple the Rule of 26 really is. The math checks out and I will be immediately implementing the Rule of 26 into my business. The book was easy to read and I thought it offered a lot of valued-packed strategies"

Whitney Deberry

Content Marketer

"I enjoy the concept of The Rule of 26 and find it to be straightforward and easy enough for any entrepreneur to understand. Breaking down each metric into bite sized pieces makes it easy for the reader to understand the road map and where to start"

Kayley Hamilton

PR Film Owner

"As a new service-based online business owner, I found so much value in The Rule of 26...This book is no fluff, concise steps, insider tips and priceless ideas that are full of so much value. The Rule of 26 is my new digital marketing bible.."

It's time to take The  Rule  of  26  to the next level!

Buzz is planning the first ever, Growth-2-Scale Intensive to be held live in St. Louis on June 1st and 2nd, 2023. Buzz wants you to attend in person and get a clear road map on how your business can literally double it's revenue. This event is reserved for service-centric business approaching or who already have achieved seven-figure annual revenue and are looking to aggressively scale to multi-seven figures.

There are a very limited amount of seats available and there is an application process so we can make sure all attendees get the absolute most out of this experience. To be considered, fill out the application below. If you are accepted, our concierge team will contact you to go over the details of the event.

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